Unique Dreams Takes Flight

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So we just launched the ‘Unique Dreams Program’ and we’re uber excited! This is a program where we give our employees a chance to live out their dreams or nominate someone to live out their dreams. So few people get the opportunity to live out their dreams and settle for what they get. We just cannot accept that.

About the Program

A Unique Way to Follow Your Dream
Everyone has dreams they want to experience. That dream might be big or small, far-fetched or down-to-Earth. See the Eiffel Tower. Go on a second Honeymoon. Learn how to play the piano. At Unique, we want to bring your dreams a little closer to reality — to give you a little extra help getting there.

Once a year, Unique will make a dream come true for one candidate. You can submit your own Dream or that of a colleague, friend or family member who you feel deserves to live their dream. Your submission might be for a sick uncle who always wanted to go deep sea fishing or a disabled niece who would like to visit Disneyland. Dreams are your only limits.

A selection committee will review nominated dreams and one will receive up to $7,500 towards fulfilment of that dream. The Unique Dream Fund will be used to fulfill all, or part of that Dream.

Unique knows how important it is to dream and strive toward a life goal. We value our employees and want to help people to live their dream. This is a program where we can.

We have set a target to have at least 50 dreams submitted by the end of November this year and one dream will be selected and announced at our Corporate Christmas Party this December.

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